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    Thoughts on Writing~ January 2021~ III

    It is in the awareness and understanding that we are here to create, contribute and give the best version of ourselves that we enrich our human experience.

    When we allow fearful thoughts of perfection, comparison, and judgment to paralyze this creation of our dreams, we become unmotivated and unfulfilled.

    It is in our awareness of liberty and freedom that we have the opportunity to utilize fear and doubt as a Motivator and a tool to build a life of meaning and fulfillment.

    You and I have been given a gift to place words to paper, to create stories with lessons, and to share that creative genius with the world.

    Your voice is not here to be stifled or hushed. It is unique and brings beauty to that which may be perceived as uncomfortable or unsightly. The Divine Creative that resides in you, implores you to speak, write, and share the words of You.

    The world awaits. Your heart and soul weep in earnest for your Voice to join the writers of yesteryear.

    Use the fear that speaks as a stepping stone and embolden your words of Truth.

    BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    ~KC Lenard

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    Thoughts on Writing~ January 2021~ II

    Affirmations have personally changed my life, and I believe they have assisted in manifesting positive outcomes in stressful and difficult situations.

    Here is one of my favorites. I even have a melody for this one. Singing raises our vibration even higher, placing greater intention out to the Universe.

    I am Whole. I am Perfect. I am Strong and Powerful. I am Loveable and Harmonious. I am Happy to be me, and I am what I will to BE, to visualize is the key. I believe the Universe is this To me. I believe the Universe Brings this to me.

    There is a direct correlation between one’s belief in their worthiness and their capacity to manifest abundance. Are your vibrations aligned for 2021?.

    It is in our conscious awareness of our limiting thoughts, that we can replace that which no longer serves us, to an attitude of abundance in all that we share with the world.

    The words that you have written or are currently writing. These are your intentions, your voice to be heard, they are the beauty of YOU. They will be shared with others.

    Keep moving my beloved writers. Keep writing your heart out on the page. The Readers are waiting to see the Wisdom of you and to Remember theirs.

    May abundance follow the flow of your creativity. May your attitude exude the Light of who you are now and forevermore in all that you share with our beloved world.

    BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    ~KC Lenard

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    Thoughts on Writing~ January 2021~ I

    A New Year with endless possibilities. We have 365 days to bring our visions into reality. Moment by moment we choose to be conscious of our actions.

    We are present in our choices to BE creative. It is important to reflect on that which has worked in the past bringing our Creations to the world.

    Asking ourselves, is this time slot the best for me and my energy? Would another moment BE better?

    Is this space that I come to daily… does it bring me comfort and hold me as I share my vulnerability and authenticity with the words I am writing and sharing with the world?

    Am I holding my creative BEing, fully? Are your BIG goals set? Can they be made Into smaller, doable, and attainable goals?

    If not, try again. If you can’t see it, feel it…Ask for assistance from someone who can see your vision. BE your ally and enlist others.

    A writer creates one word at a time, and it can be solitary but building your support system around your writing is nourishment to your soul. There is no need to be a martyr in Loneliness.

    BE alone in your craft, not lonely. Find that which feeds you, inspires you, and excites you to create from your aligned heart, mind, and gut. Yes, we have three brains, use them to ensure that your words are from your Highest Essence.

    BE uniquely you, always.

    New Year, new goals, set them with an aligned Intention. You are here to be a creative human, CREATE and experience life consciously and with mindfulness. You came here to shine brilliantly in the world.

    Your unique story is waiting to be told….

    BE the Creator, You came here to BE.

    ~KC Lenard

    Image captured by Caroline White Photography
    Makeup by @tanikamakeup on IG
    Hair by @livio19 on IG



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