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    Thoughts on Writing~ May 2022~ III

    Let us embrace the beauty and the glory of everything we see as the amazing grace that surrounds us. May the Light surround each of us today as we hold the blessings of life deep within our hearts, surrendering to the grace of the Universe. Let us bask in the essence of what is and be a part of life’s graceful movements.

    Our openness allows the inner turmoil and havoc of the mind to be minimized and used as lessons for that which brings us joy and that which does not. Let us be the beauty that we came here to be, blessing all that you and I encounter today and always.

    Let us take a moment and breathe in the knowledge that we are being guided in this journey of life. These moments of solitude surround us always; we need only open our hearts to the experience.

    Let us look up at the sky that is above us and find comfort that we are not alone. Let us reach for the space of tranquility to connect to that which we are…which is love.

    Each of us can bring more love and hope into the world with our presence every day.

    Be the Creator, You came here to BE.

    KC Lenard

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    Thoughts on Writing~ May 2022~ II

    It is our faith that we are always guided that will bring more creativity to all that we share with the world. Our dreams will gain momentum coming into fruition. Let us move in the direction of the dream, the fulfillment of all we came here to be and do in the world.

    Let us believe that it is possible with each step that we take. In this manner, we can achieve all that we came here to be! Let us nurture the essence of who we are and encourage ourselves to be brave in our actions; so that we may be resilient to any self-doubt and have faith that our dreams are achievable.

    Our world should be as expansive as all the array of colors on the canvas of this globe. We are each a being filled with limitless possibilities. We are here to assist with providing the world an abundance of love through all that we experience.

    May you and I find joy in the sharing of who we are and what we came here to share. Let us plant the seeds of life in every conversation and action.

    Let us be in that state of love and present to all that is happening. Be open to the flow of emotions; observing and honoring, and then allowing these feelings to move through our being. We are always supported and loved by the guidance of that which is greater than you and I.

    Be the Creator, You came here to BE.

    KC Lenard

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    Thoughts on Writing~ May 2022~ I

    Each of us are surrounded by a space of love. We only need to expand into that love that awaits us.

    Each of us is a being of hope, courage, and ever-expanding possibilities. We only need to believe in our abilities and that we are capable of greatness.

    You and I are all that we need to accomplish our dreams, to reach the summit of possibility, to be all that we came here to be. We are ever-expanding each and every day through the laughter and the tears of our experiences.

    Our brilliance is waiting to be buffed, shined, and revealed to the world in all the glory that we are. Let us avoid wasting a single moment not being the ever-expanding being that we came here to be.

    You are the student and the teacher. You are the child and the adult. This journey of life brings us situations that assist in our personal expansion. Embrace the lessons that lead you to the essence of all your possibilities.

    Be the Creator, You came here to BE.

    KC Lenard

    Image captured by @carolinewphoto IG, Makeup by @tanikamakeup IG and Hair by @livio19 on IG



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