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    KC Lenard

    Bringing history into the now...

    In the Beginning…

    Isn’t it interesting, how life can change course with one single event? 

    I awoke one bright and sunny morning from a dream, and in that fleeting moment, a character was born that would later become Catherine Dyar.

    The dream awakened within me an exciting new realm of creativity. The whispers of this character transported me into a world that I had never known. Catherine wanted her story revealed to the world, and I was to be her author.

    At the time that she came to me, I was not yet a writer. I had waded in the pools of many creative pursuits, such as songwriting, singing, acting, and illustration. My world was filled with creations that I had shared with others. I considered myself an artist… but a novelist I was not.

    My life expanded in ways I never could have foreseen after the dream. The research that was needed to share Catherine’s story properly led me down a path full of clues and synchronicities. I was driven to quit my job in 2007 and begin writing the historical-fiction novel I call Kiss of Madagascar. I traveled to the faraway lands of France and Madagascar, allowing wondrous adventures to unfold as I compiled my historical foundation.

    In December 2009, the first draft of my novel was completed. At that time, I was forced to step away due to exhaustion, fear of the words not being worthy of Catherine’s story, and lack of funds to continue.

    I continued to visit with this historical story for more than a decade, buffing and shining the words into a manuscript full of twists and turns to entice and entangle a willing reader.

    This project refused to be silenced, no matter how much time passed. The fictional and non-fictional characters never strayed far from my mind, continuing to whisper with an insistence that I was the one to bring this story to the world.

    This novel’s time has come, and it stands ready to be shared with you. Why now, you may ask?

    The current state of affairs in our world often seems outlandish, especially when the news presents us with facts that sound more like terrible satire. This modern era offers us a mere glimpse into the sorted history of Madagascar. Catherine’s story weaves its way through a time when power was left unchecked, and wealth for a few held more importance than the well-being of both humankind and the planet we call home.

    Kiss of Madagascar is the story of two women focused on saving the souls of the Malagasy people while losing sight of what is truly important in life. In the process of clashing and fighting for their religious and worldviews, over half the population of Madagascar found themselves either enslaved or tortured to death. Catherine’s voice beckons from the early 19th century, enticing new readers with a promise of salvation from a ravenous and cruel queen in an exotic land.