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    KC Lenard

    Bringing history into the now...


    Q: Where can I purchase KC Lenard’s books?
    A: KC is currently seeking representation for Kiss of Madagascar, Hearts of Siam, and/ or Egypt’s Sacred Keeper

    Q: What is KC Lenard’s writing routine?
    A: Depending on upcoming deadlines, KC normally is a night owl writer. She finds that writing between 10:00 – 1:00 AM has few distractions and that much can be accomplished in this timeframe.
    Research, character building, outlining, etc. for a new book normally takes place in the daytime hours.

    Q: Does KC Lenard write every day?
    A: KC writes typically every day. It may not be historical-fiction related, but she is always on the computer placing sentences together for her various projects in inspiration, technical or fictional.

    Q: How does KC Lenard decide on her characters?
    A: Character development is one of KC’s favorite things to do. The tasks of researching historical timelines and finding a name that fits with the character that is unfolding within her mind. It is a puzzle that begins to form through all the information that she reads and her imagination brings life into the characters.

    Q: Does KC Lenard have pets?
    A: KC has one dog. Her male English bulldog, Sgt. Skip, that everyone calls Sarge. A devoted canine from morning until night, their daily walks together break up the various writing projects. Sarge is the neighborhood mascot and never meets a stranger. He brings joy and smiles everywhere he goes.

    Q: What is involved in KC Lenard’s research?
    A: KC travels to each country she writes about and usually this changes the story dramatically. She has traveled to France, Madagascar, Thailand, Peru, Ireland, and Egypt thus far for her historical-fiction research. Her biggest adventure was in Egypt when she traveled to 32 sacred sites in 28 days. It was a lifetime dream that she was able to fulfill.
    KC Lenard spends countless hours creating the characters and the basic outline of the story before the actual story telling begins.