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    KC Lenard

    Bringing history into the now...



    Kiss of Madagascar

    Coming in 2022!

    The Kiss of Madagascar is a 19th-century story told during the reign of one of the most evil women in history, Queen Ranavalona.

    Catherine Dyar is a young missionary that travels from France with her father to educate the people of Madagascar. They translate the words and stories of their European God into the Malagasy tongue on this large red island located in the Indian Ocean.

    The Queen’s abolishment of Christianity does not deter Catherine’s destiny. She continues her ministry through her written sermons that are read by the Malagasy Christians in secret gatherings. The words give the people strength to continue their faith in the foreigners’ God. 

    The Madagascar nights have many secrets, and as the sun rises, the days begin with the sounds of torture and death for those suspected of betraying the Queen. 

    The killing of the Malagasy people is in epidemic proportions. It is the ultimate price for the Queen’s orders to have an undying devotion to the indigenous beliefs and the royal family.

    This novel chronicles the struggle of two women determined to save the souls of the Malagasy people through their convicted personal dogma. The fight to win the people’s hearts leads to madness and the loss of thousands of lives in torturous ways.   

    What begins as a journey to bring light into the world leads to a reign of darkness over Madagascar. The reader will be captivated by the story of hope and despair, love and hate, and life and death until the last word.

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    Heart of Siam

    Coming in 2024!

    Kamon is the last of her bloodline that walks the land of Siam. The Burma soldiers continue to ravage the land decade after decade, leaving her alone to fulfill the family’s destiny.

    Her lineage has always served and protected the mystical ways of Theravada Buddhism. The men of her family for generations trained and served as monks as well as warriors. 

    No one could have foreseen that the granddaughter of the Great Apinya would be the last hope of that which connects the earthly plane with the higher cosmos.

    Kamon is now the guardian of all that remains. She poses as a man and lives among the monks to ensure the safety of the temples. The ancient teachings and the heart of Buddha cannot enter the hands of the Burmese for the world would never be the same.

    Book Timelines and Milestones



    Egypt’s Sacred Keeper

    Coming in 2026!

    Neferure was born into Egyptian royalty, a daughter of two pharaohs; her mother, King Hatshepsut declares her the wife of God, Amun.  A position usually held only by the Queen.

    How does one woman, a mere puppet to the mortals, find the gateway to the Gods and all that is sacred? 

    Neferure is the High Priestess over Upper and Lower Egypt and the keeper of the sacred secrets. She uses her influence to protect the ancient lands, preserve and hold the secret customs of the Egyptian Gods in a land of corruption and greed. Let the magic of the ancient unfold in the words of Egypt’s Sacred Keeper. A daughter’s journey into the mysticism of all that can and cannot be seen by the Egyptian people. Neferure’s destiny will take the reader into a world of power, control, mysticism and unprecedented behavior among the Egyptian elite.

    Book Timelines and Milestones