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    KC Lenard

    Bringing history into the now...


    KC Lenard is a historical-fiction author who travels to foreign lands to be inspired by ancient stories that have yet to be told. Her adventures have taken her to exciting corners of the globe, such as Madagascar, France, Thailand, Egypt, Ireland, and Peru.

    KC is a writer of the night; when most of the world around her is in deep slumber, she is creating and weaving inspiring worlds of yesterday.  The latest of evenings, before the sun rises, is when the words effortlessly appear on the screen. 

    The combination of fiction and non-fiction characters interwoven amongst historical happenings adds great depth for readers to explore. The intriguing storylines always include strong, powerful women from history that surpass masculine boundaries, while weaving a delicate web of  feminine spirituality and that which is greater than you and I.

    KC has recently completed the novel, Kiss of Madagascar, and is seeking representation to bring this story to the world.