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    Kiss of Madagascar~ September 2019~ I

    Date posted: September 9, 2019


    Midnight editing time… Further progress has taken place on the website as well as various draft synopsis for the historical-fiction stories. 

    It is exciting to see the behind mechanisms of the historical website come into fruition. As well as receiving edits on the 1st draft of the verbiage pieces that will be included. 

    I continue to collaborate with individuals that are multi-talented and ‘get’ the vision I am wanting to bring to the world. 

    My days have consisted of much research on my upcoming books ‘Heart of Siam’ and ‘Egypt’s Secret Keeper’. 

    The ideas for these historical-fiction novels have been floating around in my mind for years but the website has pushed these into unfolding a bit more. 

    Researching is one of my favorite pieces of being an author. Placing the puzzle together… piece by piece… ultimately creating the story for others to read and discover. 

    One of the highlights… Naming the fictional characters and honing in on the time period. It is a mystery waiting to be discovered. It feels as if magic feels the room when everything begins to align. 

    With such big projects, often it feels that everything is moving slowly, that the project is an endless journey and that the end of the tunnel is faraway. 

    I find it best to just focus on the task at hand, completing what is in front of you in the moment… one step at a time. This eventually gets you to the finish line. 

    And having pets around… helps me tremendously. Sgt. Skip aka Sarge is truly my sidekick. No matter what time of day or night he supports me with his presence. 

    Blessings to you and your goals dear ones. Let us bring our dreams into reality… one word at a time. 

    Kiss of Madagascar~
    Editing the Tanka Poems