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    KC Lenard

    Bringing history into the now...

    Kiss of Madagascar~ August 2019~ I

    Date posted: August 11, 2019


    I completed nine (9) poems in Tanka style this week. 

    It has been such a wonderful creative process to write in this box. 

    I am having a couple of individuals review/ edit them this week. Overall, my heart, mind, and soul feel aligned with these creations. 

    This next week, I will be focusing on the verbiage for the website and solidifying that world. I am loving the colors and the feel of the site though. 

    One step at a time dear ones. It is all one can do… to move forward in the direction of completing this historical-fiction novel… and for it to belong not just to me but to the world. 

    Bringing dreams into reality… one word at a time. 

    Kiss of Madagascar~
    Tanka Poetry Editing and Formatting